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S7 VTS GPS tracking System

Product Only: £215.99

24/7 service
Automatic System Health Check
Recognised by major insurers
App & web included

This product requires a subscription, payable to Connect My Car
Nationwide Installation Included in Price



The Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system offers GPS stolen vehicle tracking with the added security of generating the following alerts:

Tow-away alert
This is triggered when motion is detected and whilst the ignition of the vehicle is off.

Tamper alert
This is activated when the tracking systems battery is removed or if any of the wires to the unit have been cut.

GSM jamming alert
GSM jammers are devices that can block the GPS signal from your device to block the vehicle from being located. The jamming alert is triggered when an attempt of jamming is being put in place by a thief.


Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system Thatcham Category S7

The Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system Cat S7 VTS tracker is a step up from any other entry-level trackers. The Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system is a Thatcham Category S7 approved tracking system.

Your cars security

Using GSM and GPS, the Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system has wide European coverage which also includes Russia and South Africa. First of all, you then don’t need to worry that if your vehicle is stolen then you can still have coverage over a large distance. In addition to this, the Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system also has international GSM coverage. So you can worry even less because you’ll know your vehicle has that coverage. With its pinpoint GPS tracking, the Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system can give the control centre its location accurately within 10 metres. Vodafone are also supported by European Police forces as well as all the police in the UK. Furthermore, no police hardware is needed in the process of tracking your vehicle.

With giving automatic system health checks, the Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system is constantly giving feedback about its health back to the control centre. With the unit constantly needing to give back information about its location, the Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system needs to be working the best it can. Hence why with these health checks, the system can notify the control centre if anything is wrong and if so then they can contact you and book in a replacement. Due to needing to the tracker to be constantly working, having an unhealthy one won’t do the job its needed to do.

Key Features

There are many key features of why you should choose the Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system. These include:

24/7 service

– even if it’s in the middle of the night, there will always be someone on the other side of the phone to take your call. They will want to get your vehicle back as much as you do. Always expect brilliant customer service.

Automatic System Health Check

– The unit itself will run checks to register if the system is working as it should. If there are any faults then the control centre will be able to recognise this and will get it all sorted out. Your vehicle’s safety is the control centres main concern and would not let you drive around with a faulty unit because if it is not working as it should then your vehicle could be vulnerable and the control centre would not let that happen.

Recognised by major insurers

– The Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system is occasionally recommended to you by insurance companies because of how good it is. In some cases, your insurance for the vehicle would become cheaper if your insurance company know your vehicle is safe with this tracking system.

System Transferable

– So you buy a new vehicle and sell your old one but you still want the tracker for your new one, do you have to go through buying a new one again?  No, you can now just arrange an appointment with a certified engineer and they can remove the tracking system from your old vehicle and install it into the new one. Then all that needs to be done is Vodafone Automotive needs the updated information about the new vehicle and then you can carry on paying the yearly subscription.

App & web included

– The Vodafone Protect Connect S7 VTS GPS tracking system is available with an app and web functionality. Both are user-friendly applications that give owners the ability to obtain a pinpoint location for their vehicle(s) on demand using pinpoint GPS tracking, including the powerful key facility of setting a geofence zone. Receive an immediate SMS alert with the web function or an in-app notification when using the My Connected Car App, should a vehicle leave the pre-set area. Download the ‘My Connected Car’ app from either IOS or Android. 

Approved by Audi, VW, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Lamborghini, Hummer, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Skoda, Seat, Renault & Mitsubishi

Please also note that CAT 5 trackers are soon going to be recategorized by Thatcham as S7 insurance approved trackers. If your insurance company makes reference to an S7 grade tracker, they are still referring to the CAT 5 model. Any CAT 5 Tracker installed before this renaming is still valid and your service will continue as normal.

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