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Nokia handsfree car kit

Nokia handsfree car kit, Hands free car kitsA Nokia handsfree car kit from connectmycar provides a versatile method of communicating whilst on the move. A bluetooth system, compatible with a wide range of handsets, a Nokia handsfree car kit will provide a means of communication whilst ensuring you stay safe while at the wheel.

To accommodate the increase in the usage of mobile phones, and safety issues while driving the development of hands free car kits were introduced just over ten years ago. Government regulations were introduced to prevent the use of a mobile phone while driving shortly afterwards.

We provide Nokia hands free car kits to not only allow the user to make a phone call but that include iPhone and music integration for entertainment on a journey as well.

For your convenience all our package prices involves a Nokia handsfree car kit plus professional installation and stereo integration

Nokia CK100

Using a simple click-wheel interface, the CK100 allows the driver to connect via hands free ensuring you never miss a call. The CK100 also allows the paired handset to stream music meaning you have access to all your favourite tracks whilst in transit.

The Nokia CK100 boasts a number of cutting-edge telephony functions including;

  • Discreet and illuminated click-wheel interface.
  • Connectivity includes Bluetooth 2.0, Hands Free Profile 1.5 (HFP) and A2DP 1.0.
  • Voice dialing.
  • Motion sensor for automatic power on/off
  • Nokia Talk voice guidance for prompts.
  • Includes 2mm jack for charging your compatible Nokia handset (phone dependant).
  • Future software updates via USB connector.
  • Compatible with your vehicle stereo for full music streaming effect (vehicle stereo dependant).  

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Nokia CK600

In addition to the many of the innovative handsfree and music playing capabilities of the CK100, the Nokia CK600 includes a 2.2 inch, detachable, colour display screen all in one unit to provide users with a display to view their phonebook and music.

Some of the outstanding features include;

  • 2.2 inch detachable colour display screen.
  • Connectivity includes A2DP 1.0, Bluetooth 2.0 and lower and Phonebook Access Profile 1.5.
  • Easy driver interface using the attached navi-wheel.
  • Customisable display screen themes.
  • Pre-defined music sound settings including "Pop", "Rock", "Classic" etc
  • Capable of storing up to 3,000 contacts per phone.

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